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We have a lot of acreage to accompany a large corporate group. We guarantee the hunters will be satisfied with the number of bucks they see and the buck or bucks they harvest. I, Travis Basham, and Don Rich are both easy going down to earth country boys and we like for everyone who wishes to join in every night with the old ways of hunting camps, telling stories of the days’ hunt or past hunts. Large corporate hunts will have the place to their selves. Individuals may be in camp with other hunters that may have women and children with them and will all be expected to act and talk appropriately. Hunters will appreciate the time and effort put into our stand locations, food plots, quality of animals, hunting terrain, accommodations, and friendly hard working staff.

At Barren River Whitetail Outfitters, we have deer scoring from 130" all the way up to 400"+. Most of the deer would range 170-230" and will have large typical frames with extras and/or drop tines. The bucks will also usually weigh between 250 and 350 pounds. These bucks most of the time are the biggest body weights the hunters have ever seen and score more than any bucks they have ever killed. The area we hunt is very steep and hilly making the hunt challenging for spot and stalk, however most hunters choose to sit in stands or box blinds on top of the ridges or in the valleys along the creeks overlooking lush food plots. We have been very successful at taking first time hunters and making them successful on different game, so we can easily accommodate youth, inexperienced adults, or handicapped individuals.

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One Kentucky Outfitter With Two Great Hunting Opportunities

​​At Barren River Whitetail Outfitters, we offer two great opportunities, free range hunting and/or ranch/preserve whitetail hunts. We will also offer turkey, pheasant, quail, and chukar hunts along with fishing opportunities to go along with any hunt package that you choose. Choose your hunting preference below.

Barren River Whitetail Outfitters

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For a limited time, you can harvest a buck of your choice up to 250" for $6500! $500 to book which covers meals and lodging.

Whitetail Deer Hunting Outfitter
Barren River Whitetail Outfitters
Barren River Whitetail Outfitters
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